New Customers

THANK YOU! Your water corporation appreciates your calls on water leaks found throughout the water distribution system. These leaks are expensive, and your prompt call can make a real difference to the economical operation of the water system. Let's all do our part to retain that "superior" rating!

OFFICE HOURS Business hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, (with the exception of illness or emergency) Monday through Friday. To better provide the Members, the Craft–Turney WSC office remains open through the lunch hour. Office Phone (903) 586–9301 Office Fax (903) 586–2389

REPORT ISSUES The Corporation greatly appreciates its members keeping a watchful eye out for the system by reporting leaks, low pressure, and any suspicious activity seen in the vacinity of the water lines or at any of the Craft–Turney WSC water plants. Water Conservation measures are an important first step in protecting our water supply. Water cannot be taken for granted anymore.

BEFORE DIGGING REMEMBER — Before digging or any construction is done in the general area or vicinity of the Corporation water system main distribution lines, CALL 1–800–Dig–Tess OR 1–800–344–8377. Or Click: Texas811

EMERGENCIES In case of water emergences at any time, please call: (903) 586–9301.

METER READINGS The water service meters are read on or about the 16th of each month. Please provide ready access to your property and the water meter for our field service operator to read and maintain the water meter. If you have special circumstances regarding meter reading, please contact the office so arrangements can be made.

CRAFT-TURNEY WSC ANGLE VALES AND MEMBER CUT-OFF VALVES Each Member shall install at his own expense, any necessary equipment to the point of use, including any cut–off valves, backflow prevention devices, pressure regulators, clean–outs, etc. The angle valve, on the water system side of the water service meter, next to the water system main line, should not be disturbed except by Craft-Turney WSC Employees. If the water system equipment, or meter shut-off (angle/or corporation) valve incurs damages, the member will be subject to service charges. A cut–off valve on the Member's side of the water service meter insures the ability for the water to be shut off at the Member's convenience. If in doubt, contact the Corporation office for further details, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at 903–586–9301, or email at or

BILLING Bills are issued on or about the 25th of each month and are due on the 10th of the following month. On the 11th, the account is considered past due and a $5.00 penalty (for bills $50.00 or less) or a 10% penalty (for bills over $50.00), shall be applied to the account. The monthly minimum charge is $21.00, no water included.

PAYMENTS All payments must be in the possession of CTWSC by the 10th of the month. Every customer of CTWSC is on the same billing cycle. If the 10th falls on a holiday or weekend, you have all day the following business day to pay before a penalty is assessed. Only 2 approved extension per year. Click "Pay On–Line" below for our on–line payment option, or if you prefer to mail you payment (505 ESE Loop 456, Jacksonville, TX 75766) we advise mailing ten (10) days in advance of the due date. We also provide a payment drop–box on the front of the office building, as well as a payment drive–thru drop–box located in the center of the circle drive in front of the office. Auto Bank draft is also available: with a checking or savings account, you can set your bill up to be paid by automatic draft. This option is only available if you are able to come into the office and complete our ACH form. Call-In payment is also available: 903-541-9253 is our telephone payment line. Have your bill card with you and enter information as it is requested. We accept cash, check or money orders in-person, at our office as well. Click here for Rates
Effective January 1, 2014 the mailed postcard water bill must be presented in person at the time of payment in the Corporation office. If not brought in with payment, a $2.50 charge will be added to balance due.

tipsCheck out our Water Tips page to learn how to prevent water waste, and help you save money on your water bills!

LOCK OUT INFORMATION 22ND - 25TH OF THE MONTH If you pay your bill by any other mens than coming into the office, please call the office and tell u s at 903-586-9301 & speak to Rhonda or Monica (These two ladies are the only persons who post payments. If payments are not given to them, the payment is not considered received) NOT the answering service or one of the outside guys. If you fail to do this, your meter will be locked and lock out fees will be applied to your account.