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To My Fellow Members of Craft-Turney Water Supply Corporation

Many of the local rural water supply corporations in our area buy either all or a portion of their water from the City of Jacksonville.  Although Craft-Turney WSC maintains two of our own wells, we, too, purchase a percentage of your water from Jacksonville.

During several meetings with the City, CTWS, together with the other wholesale water customers in the area, were informed that the volume of water and the amount we pay to purchase this water from the City could be adjusted in the near future, which adjustments would not be favorable to CTWS members.  As a result of public outcry from the members of the local rural water supply corporations, the City issued a statement addressing what they termed as "inaccuracies and misinformation" concerning the rumors that wre circulating.

CTWS has purchased water from the City of Jacksonville since January 19, 1965 when CTWS and the City first entered into a contract for the purchase of water.  Over the past 54 years, CTWS and the City have executed several amendments and adendum to that original contract, which original contract is still in force today.  The most recent contract amendment extends the term of CTWS' water contract with the City throught May 11, 2040.  The CTWS contract does not currently contain a "Take or Pay" component and CTWS pays only for the water it purchases on a monthly basis.  Currently, the City is contractually obligated to provide CTWS with no more than 550,000 gallons of water per day.  In turn, CTWS is obligated to pay the City in accordance with water rates set by the City pursuant to City Ordinance.  This arrangement has worked well for CTWS over the past 54 years and we look forward to continuing this relationship with the City pursuant to our agreement.

Although CTWS does not obtain all of its water from the City, CTWS does purchase water from the City on a monthly basis and that water is a valuable and important part of our water supply.  CTWS is fortunate to have a contract with the City which affords water to CTWS throught May 11, 2040.  As you may already be aware, CTWS is currently in the process of drilling a new water well, which should further reduce our dependence on the City for water.

As always, I encourage our members to attend CTWS board meetings and take an active part in your water system.  We value your input.

Johnny Hawkins


Craft-Turney WSC