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Craft-Turney Water Supply Corporation's New Well (located Behind the Corporation Office Building) - Texas Water Development Board Project No. 62755, that has been funded wholly by Texas Water Development Board, has been completed as of July 27, 2022.  This new well will better supply water utility service for the fast-growing rural communities within the Craft-Turney Water Supply Corporation service territory.

Notice of Violation: Revised Total Coliform Rule Monitoring, Routine, Minor

Our system failed to collect every required coliform sample.  Although this incident was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we did (are doing) to...

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The Property Owner's Responsibility

The Craft-Turney Water Supply Corporation does not bear the cost of repairing distribution waterlines of the water system that are damaged as a result of the action of others.

The owner of the...

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